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How Long Should You Parasite Cleanse? (Expert Advice)

By PureHealth Research Oct 27, 2023

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Trichinella spiralis - Parasitic Worm Under Microscope

Your body may be host to innumerable microorganisms, including viruses, archaea, fungi, and bacteria. Some studies indicate that the number of microorganisms within your body is 10 times greater[1] than that of human cells. With so many organisms residing within us, there’s always a chance you may have parasites. These parasites can penetrate organism systems, introduce numerous pathogens, and damage the organ’s tissue.

Parasites are entities that invade the inner parts of a living creature and make use of their host to stay alive. While not all parasites trigger health conditions in those they afflict, some may lead to considerable illnesses. Invasions from these kinds of organisms happen when such parasites intensify, circulate, or get into the body’s structures, presenting a source of ailment.

In certain circumstances, parasites can have difficulty staying in the bodies they access if an individual has a robust immune system. However, in other cases, these organisms have defense systems that can hide from your immune system and tuck in for the long haul. In such a situation, it is necessary to do a parasite cleanse to support that your body remains healthy and not triggering long-term health issues. So, how long should you parasite cleanse? That’s a great question. Read through to understand the timeframes needed for each purge.

What Is a Parasite Cleanse?

Parasite cleansing is a lifestyle and diet program designed to help the body evict unwanted parasitic residents. The objective of the cleanse is to manage a parasitic invasion without resorting to harsh antibiotics and medications. It often includes supplements or herbs, as well as changes in diet, like eating more raw fruits and vegetables or avoiding sugar and processed foods that can feed parasites.

Recently, people have shown significant interest in parasite cleanses. Countless individuals proactively seek ways to address the potential health risks associated with parasitic invasions. Most health professionals believe cleaning parasites from our bodies will make us feel more energetic and healthier. Most natural cleansing products[2] are anything made of mechanisms found in nature, such as herbs and vitamins. People can take these supplements to relax their bodies and cleanse the parasites living inside.

Most Common Parasites in the United States

4 Common Parasites in USA

In the U.S., the most commonly known parasites are pinworms and roundworms. These can be found in humans and many animals that consume unclean food or water and come in contact with an affected person or animal. Other parasites which are more challenging to diagnose include red worms and hookworms. Below are significant parasites in the U.S.

  • Enterobius vermicularis

Commonly known as seatworm or pinworm, Enterobius vermicularis is the most prevalent roundworm in America. Human beings are the sole hosts of this parasite, and an estimated 209 million individuals[3] worldwide suffer from this nematode. Female worms come out of the cecum at night to lay as many as 15,000 eggs near the perineal area, thus making it easy for them to spread, even within a family.

  • Giardia lamblia

Giardia lamblia is a common protozoan parasite generally known as “beaver fever” due to its occurrence in backpacking and camping grounds. It is the second most common parasite that invade humans in the United States after pinworm, causing diverse gastrointestinal problems. Fecal-oral spread and poor sanitation practices make it an easily transmittable parasite mostly found among individuals that use cold mountain streams as their water source.

  • Necator americanus and Ancylostoma duodenale

These two hookworm species are entirely found in humans. The most tremendous damage from their invasion is instigated by blood loss as hookworms suck up to 0.25ml of the host’s blood daily. They may suffer microcytic hypochromic anemia, eosinophilia, and even retardation (in kids). Footwear and modern plumbing can assist in lessening the exposure and prevalence of these parasites, although the U.S. still ranks them as the second most common helminthic threats.

  • Entamoeba histolytica

Entamoeba histolytica is a protozoan that spreads via the fecal-oral route. It can cause amoebiasis, which, if left uncured, may be fatal and cause immense suffering in individuals with weak immune systems. This parasite is endemic in Latin America due to its spread through crop fertilization with human waste and poor sanitization practices. Each year, around 50 million symptomatic cases appear, of which 100,000 result in fatality associated with this parasite, making it the second topmost death-causing protozoan after malaria.

Main Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of unwelcome parasites vary depending on the organism. Commonly experienced signs include:

  • Severe stomach aches and cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Gas and itching

Why Do a Parasite Cleanse

When parasites take hold of your body, acting fast and taking preventive measures is crucial. If you do not take preventative actions, parasites can cause considerable harm, including severe issues such as anemia resulting from long-term nutrient malabsorption caused by the parasite in your gastrointestinal tract.

A parasite cleanse is a way to make a full sweep for underlying parasites in the body. These undesirable guests may prompt you to crave starchy or sugary nutrients your body cannot handle. Thus, by engaging in a cleanse, you can flush out these parasites, helping rebalance to the gut microbiome so it’s no longer trying to force food upon itself, restoring harmony and well-being.

How Long Should You Parasite Cleanse?

Knowing how long should you parasite cleanse is critical to effectively evict those pesky parasites. Depending on how severe the parasite invasion has become, you may require diverse cleanses and actions, which could last from several weeks to a few months. Therefore, if you’ve been exposed to an environment where parasites may be present, like going abroad or eating meals from certain areas, or you have recently begun experiencing health symptoms that won’t go away, starting your cleanse as soon as possible is vital.

Eliminating foods that can offer nutrition for parasites, such as grains and sugar, and instead eating an antiparasitic diet rich in antioxidants, root vegetables, and low-starch plant foods, can be the initial step to help fight against potential parasitic “houseguests”. Here are three different forms of cleanses and the time frame that they take to be effective in assisting in disabling and ejecting parasites.

How Long Does It Take To Parasite Cleanse With Home Remedies?

Key Points on Parasite Cleanse With Home Remedies

Home remedies are among the most cost-effective and popular approaches for parasite cleansing. How to do a parasite cleanse at home? Popular home remedies include frequently washing your hands with soapy water or drinking clean water to avoid consuming parasites in filthy sources. Other preventive measures include cooking your meat thoroughly before eating and cleaning all clothes[4] on a hot cycle in the washing machine.

It is also helpful to dress in long-sleeved clothing in grassy or woody areas and cover bare skin with protective or insect-repellent apparel. After spending time outdoors, check yourself for mosquito bites[5] that can transfer parasitic eggs or any other possible parasites that may have gotten onto you. Cats and dogs[6] can also transfer parasites to their pet parents.

Many people change their diet towards a plant-based one as this can starve parasites of the nutrition they need to survive. What to eat on a parasite cleanse? Eating more raw (thoroughly washed) or lightly cooked vegetables and fruits, especially with anti-parasitic herbs such as garlic or ginger, can give your body the crucial nutrients to fight parasites and support immunity.

Clove oil, barberry, or black walnut are also an option for parasite-thwarting agents. Historically, these have been used to parasite cleanse with great success. Also, utilize goldthread, grapefruit seed extract, and pumpkin seeds, as these are parasites’ natural predators. You should consume these with your parasite cleanse recipes to help your body detox from any lingering parasites. 

So, how long should you parasite cleanse with home remedies? Depending on the severity of the invasion, a home remedy cleanse could last from three weeks to two months before you notice any significant differences in your well-being and health.

One of the benefits of using home remedies is that they tend to be more gentle and diminish any annoying side effects while effectively killing the parasite. Also, home remedies tend to be more affordable when compared to medicinal actions and can be equally effective over time.

It is vital for individuals using home remedies to remember that if they fail to stay clean and avoid a recurrence, their bodies may not end up at square one. For instance, re-consuming contaminated foods or water that contain parasitic cysts may lead to another possible invasion.. Washing your hands is crucial as you may unknowingly transfer  parasites into your body. Whenever someone sneezes around you or you touch a contaminated surface, make it a habit to sanitize your hands.

How Long Does It Take To Parasite Cleanse With a Special Diet?

Key Points on Parasite Cleanse With Special Diet

Following a specialized diet may be the most suitable choice for those who want a practical approach to cleansing their body of parasites. Eating a diet high in anti-parasitic foods while avoiding sugary, starchy, and fatty foods can significantly assist in warding off parasites from the body without causing bodily harm.

To cleanse your body from parasitic worms and larvae, augment the quantity of carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash in your diet as they are rich in beta-carotene, converted to vitamin A, a known parasite fighter. Additionally, probiotic-rich diets like yogurt aid in rebuilding good bacteria within the gut, and fortifying the intake of B and C vitamins may further help reduce the growth of parasites.

Avoid raw meat or fish while following this diet for maximum effectiveness. It is also imperative to note that some supplements may work as a catalyst through the cleansing process. Things like wormwood[7] can help speed up the clearing process of parasites. When eating out in hotels, always ensure you avoid deep-fried food, as this could be a possible source of intestinal worms.

You should follow the diet for approximately two to a few weeks or until all the signs of parasites are wholly gone, following which foods from other food groups may slowly begin to be present again in one’s diet. Also, immediately eliminate all food items that can trigger the parasites you are currently fighting off, like heavy carbohydrates.

Such diets can help restore gut health by helping repopulate it with beneficial microbes and improving nutrient absorption. For instance, including garlic in the diet could help alleviate gut health and lessen stress levels by helping scavenge free radicals that may suppress immunity and energy. It also assists in refining a person’s gut microbiome activity and helps diminish inflammation.

How Long Does It Take To Parasite Cleanse With Medicine?

Key Points on Parasite Cleanse With Medicine

In recurrent or more severe cases of parasite invasions, specific pharmaceutical and medical treatments may be necessary to rid your body of these intruders. If you have been diagnosed with a parasite, your health practitioner will prescribe certain anti-parasitic drugs and medications to assist in eradicating the condition.

However, these drugs are generally more expensive and may sometimes have side effects such as nausea, appetite loss, diarrhea, or headaches. The dosage volume depends on the severity and species of parasites, so it’s best to know which are best for your distinctive circumstance.

Generally, if a medicine-based cleanse is necessary, it lasts around one month, although this may vary depending on the mode of drug prescriptions and the condition it is treating. Some anti-parasitic medicines come in a single dose that will clear the body or a course of medication taken for seven to ten days. A medication-assisted cleanse often happens in conjunction with lifestyle changes like dietary adjustments or probiotic intake.

It’s vital to remember that medicine-assisted cleanses generally cause some side effects and do not always guarantee that the parasites won’t return. It is also essential to note that depending on the severity of your situation, individuals may need more than one round or combination of medicines and supplements.

What to Expect During a Parasite Cleanse

Cleansing your body of parasites may come with specific unpleasant parasite cleanse side effects. People may experience feeling drained of energy temporarily as the body expels toxins and parasites. For example, one may feel run down and, in some cases, develop a rash and have body aches or headaches. As individuals undergo a parasite cleanse, it is significant to note that these side effects should ease and go away once the purge is successful.

Moreover, individuals may experience more considerable symptom intensity before detecting any real enhancements in health as these parasites fight for their right to stay in the gut. So, commitment and patience to the cleanse are imperative. People should pay attention to their internal feelings and signals while undergoing their cleanse. To help gauge progress, some people may even track the progress of their parasite purge through lab tests or stools.

Furthermore, the process to cleanse one’s body of parasites can cause serious harm if people consume unnecessary drugs or home remedies. For instance, certain parasitic drugs can have serious side effects because they are designed to work on parasites, not humans. Therefore, getting your parasite cleanse professionally and medically assessed by a health practitioner to avoid any severe harm or lasting consequences is essential.

Since people differ and parasites vary, the time it’ll take for a parasite cleanse to be complete, and its side effects will depend on many variables. While your friends may perform a cleanse for six weeks, they may not have the same type of parasite as you, and therefore, you may need a longer time for your body to experience parasite die off symptoms. The side effects may also differ, given the sort and amount of method used.

Try Out Parabroom by Pure Health Research

PureHealth Research’s Parabroom supplement features a blend of eight clinically tested components designed to help flush out dangerous parasites and encourage the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut. The effective ingredients in this formula has been shown to boost energy and mental health and improve digestion, leading to a flatter stomach. Its ingredients like papain, garlic extract, olive leaves extract, and black walnut hulls offer a holistic approach to life-threatening parasites like Helicobacter Pylori.

Parabroom supplement by PureHealth Research

Papain enzyme dissolves parasites from their casings and halts fresh eggs from emerging. Sweet wormwood powder prohibits hazardous bacterium and strategies against the Helicobacter Pylori group of bacteria. Garlic extract helps deter harmful insects, while onion extract repels parasites with its potent sulfur substances. Olive leaf extract is laced with maslinic acid, which disables  every parasite, regardless of size.

Turmeric’s active compound, curcumin, is 400 times superior to energizing AMPK levels than some typical drugs and disrupts parasite life cycles. The compound piperine in black pepper enhances nutrient absorption, reduces diarrhea, and optimizes antioxidants for free radical defense caused by parasitic invasions. Black walnut hulls contain juglone, which gently carries them out of your body. Thus, Parabroom supports digestion, toxin detoxification, and the immune system.

Dr. Holly Lucille endorses the Parabroom supplement as a natural and powerful solution to help ward off potentially harmful parasites from the body. It is the key to a healthier lifestyle with no known side effects. One should take the supplement twice daily, 20 to 30 minutes before meals, with at least 8 ounces of water. Those under 18, pregnant or nursing should not take this supplement. 

Key Takeaways

Parasites can invade the inner parts of living creatures and cause numerous pathogens. Therefore, maintaining a parasite cleanse helps your body remain healthy without triggering long-term health issues.

Common parasites found in the U.S. include

  • Enterobius vermicularis
  • Giardia lamblia
  • Necator americanus
  • Ancylostoma duodenale
  • Entamoeba histolytica

The main symptoms of parasitic invasions include stomach aches, nausea and vomiting, cramps, diarrhea or constipation, weight loss, fatigue, and gas. It is essential to know what type of cleansing you are undertaking and how long you should parasite cleanse for superior effectiveness.

Home solutions, specialized diets, and medications are the three most popular forms of parasite cleanses. During a cleanse, individuals may experience fatigue, headaches, or a rash. PureHealth Research’s Parabroom supplement offers an all-natural blend of eight clinically tested ingredients that can help flush out hazardous parasites from the body. As long as you remain vigilant and diligent in following your cleanse, you may be able to cleanse your  body of parasites and their symptoms effectively.

How do I know if the parasite cleanse is working?

The most reliable ways to know if the parasite cleanse is working are noticing changes in your digestive symptoms, shifts in energy levels and general well-being, observing parasites in your stools, and comparing pre- and post-lab test results.

Can I do a parasite cleanse while on medication?

You can undoubtedly continue taking medications while on a parasite cleanse. It is, however, essential to consult with your doctor if you plan on taking herbs or supplements and medications simultaneously.

What should I avoid eating when doing a parasite cleanse?

You should avoid sugar, processed foods, alcohol, and carbonated beverages during a parasite cleanse. Additionally, one should thoroughly wash their produce and not eat uncooked vegetables or fruits as they may contain parasites.


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