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10 Best Hormone Balance Supplements

By PureHealth Research Apr 10, 2023

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What would happen if you could access at least 10 hormone balance supplements? Your life would surely be rosier, right? Today is your lucky day because this article is just about that. Hormones play a critical role in maintaining physical and emotional health. When they’re not functioning correctly, the situation can result in various health concerns. 

Luckily, several ingredients can help keep your hormones in check! Purehealthresearch.com has compiled a list of supplements for hormone balance that will perform wonders for your body and its processes! Before highlighting these best supplements, we’ll first explain hormonal imbalance and its common symptoms. 

Hormones are the chemicals the body’s endocrine system produces to help regulate major processes, ranging from metabolism to reproduction, and even controlling the body’s ability to cope with stress. A hormonal imbalance will occur when there is abnormal production, regulation, or functioning of the hormones in the body.  

There are common symptoms that could be associated with hormonal imbalance. These include stress, acne, thinning or loss of hair, constipation and diarrhea, deepening of the voice, breast tenderness, weight gain, and irregular or painful periods. Some people experience difficulty sleeping, excess facial and body hair, reduced sex drive, depression, headaches, changes in blood pressure, and vaginal dryness. 

The Root Factors Behind Hormonal Imbalances 

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Several factors could be attributed to hormonal imbalances in the body. The first possible cause of hormonal imbalance is poor dieting and nutritional deficiencies in the body. A diet lacking essential nutrients and vitamins can lead to hormone imbalances. Another is chronic stress, which brings about the rise of cortisol. When cortisol levels are chronically high, it can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, and other health problems. 

Other factors leading to hormonal imbalance include exposure to toxins, age, genetics, sedentary lifestyle, and medications. For example, under the hereditary aspect, some people have genetic predispositions for certain hormone deficiencies or imbalances. 

Indications of Hormonal Irregularities 

Depending on the specific hormone and underlying condition, hormonal irregularities can manifest in various ways. However, some common indications of hormonal abnormalities include:  

  • Changes in the menstrual cycle: Various changes can occur in the menstrual cycle, which may indicate hormonal irregularities. These shifts can include a difference in the period’s flow, frequency, or duration.  
  • Changes in sex drive or libido: Women can experience alterations in their sex drive or libido during some stages of life. However, if the change is dramatic, it could indicate hormonal irregularities. 
  • Acne or other skin changes: Acne is often a sign that one’s hormones are out of balance.  
  • Hair loss or thinning hair: Hair loss or thinning hair can indicate low and high hormone levels, depending on the individual. However, it is more commonly seen as a symptom of high levels of male hormones in women. 
  • Sleep disturbances: Hormonal imbalances usually come with sleep disturbances. If you are not getting enough rest or waking up feeling tired, it could indicate a hormonal imbalance.  

Top Supplements for Hormone Balance 

Are you exhausted from the constant mood swings and unexplained weight gain? Are you finding it hard to find a solution for your hormone imbalances? Here are the game-changing supplements for female hormone balance that will help you embrace a balanced lifestyle. 

1. Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D3 Capsules

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for overall health, especially hormone balance. Vitamin D3 is the most prevalent bioavailable form of vitamin D, and it’s critical for calcium absorption, which is vital for bone health. Vitamin D3 also helps to regulate the production of hormones in the body, including sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen.  

A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to hormonal imbalances, so it’s vital to ensure you’re getting enough of this essential nutrient. Other benefits you stand to gain from consuming vitamin D3 include excellent bone growth, remodeling, conversion of sugar (glucose) to energy, and regulation of muscle contractions.  

Most importantly, vitamin D is often a fat-soluble vitamin, so taking it alongside the fattiest meal of the day is highly recommended to enhance absorption. Alternatively, one can take vitamin D together with a fish oil supplement.  

2. Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6 Foods

Hormone balance is vital for good health. Many factors can contribute to imbalanced hormones, including diet, stress, and nutrient deficiencies. That’s why ensuring you get all the nutrients your body needs for optimal hormone function is essential. 

One of the most critical nutrients for hormone balance is vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). This essential vitamin plays a role in many biochemical processes in the body, including the synthesis of hormones. Vitamin B6 is found in many foods but is also available in supplement form. Consider adding a supplement containing pyridoxine to your diet to improve your hormone balance. 

Vitamin B6 is a crucial nutrient for hormone balance for women. It helps to regulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an essential role in regulating mood and emotions. Vitamin B6 also manages the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. It’s necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine system, and a deficiency can lead to hormonal imbalances. 

3. Zinc 

A Powder of Zinc on Black Background

Zinc is an essential mineral and one of the best hormone balance supplements. It helps the body produce hormones and regulates their levels. A zinc deficiency can cause problems with hormone production and regulation. That’s why it’s so important to supplement your diet with zinc. 

Zinc is also essential for immune system health. It helps the body to fight off infections and diseases. Besides, zinc is valuable in keeping skin healthy and reducing acne breakouts. Its other uses include the betterment of reproductive health, including fertility. Thus, zinc is one of the highly recommended supplements for female hormone balance.  

4. Vitamin E 

Vitamin E Capsules and Food on a Cutting Board

Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that helps to protect the body’s cells from damage. It plays a role in the production of hormones and is beneficial for hormone balance. One can find vitamin E supplements in most health food stores. 

You can naturally find vitamin E in many foods, including nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, and fortified cereals. Besides, it is also possible to take it as a supplement. Vitamin E supplements often treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. With such unlimited benefits, this vitamin is among the most sought-after female hormone balance supplements.  

5. Copper 

Bowls of Food High in Copper

Copper is among the most critical minerals for hormone balance. It helps regulate estrogen levels and is necessary for progesterone production. Copper also is great for maintaining a healthy thyroid function. 

Additionally, copper is essential for synthesizing collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep skin healthy and youthful. Copper can also help prevent age-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis.  

The mineral is a crucial element in energy production, making it one of the essential hormone balance supplements for women. Therefore, females everywhere should take supplements rich in copper to minimize the chances of experiencing hormonal imbalance and other related medical conditions.  

6. Magnesium 

A Variety of Magnesium Foods on a Table

Magnesium is among the essential minerals for hormone balance. It plays a role in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including those involved in hormone production and metabolism. Other notable functions of magnesium include cortisol regulation, blood sugar balancing, thyroid support, sleep aid, and hormone creation. Accordingly, by facilitating your body with magnesium-rich supplements, you increase your chances of hormonal balance in the body.  

A magnesium deficiency can lead to an imbalance in many hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and insulin. While you can get magnesium from food sources, such as leafy greens and nuts, many people don’t get enough from diet alone and may need to supplement. 

7. B Vitamins 

B Vitamins on a Wooden Spoon

B vitamins are essential in many body processes, including hormone production and regulation. Supplementing the body with a high-quality B complex product can help to ensure a hormone balance for women and support reproductive health. 

B vitamins, especially B6 and B5, are essential for creating adrenal hormones. The body releases most of these hormones during stressful periods, which eventually triggers the release of glucose into the blood system to enable one to acquire more energy to fight and run.  

If the adrenals fail to make hormones properly, anxiety, depression, low immunity, and fatigue will likely occur, making B vitamins an essential supplement to the body. Thus, by supplementing the body with these vitamins, an individual reduces the chances of experiencing these medical conditions.  

8. Rhodiola Rosea 

A Bowl of Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Rhodiola rosea is native to the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia and has been popular in treating everything from anxiety and depression to fatigue and sexual dysfunction. 

A recent study has shown that Rhodiola rosea can help to balance hormones, specifically cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone released by the adrenal glands in response to physical or mental stressors. High cortisol levels may lead to weight gain, anxiety, depression, and other health problems. 

Accordingly, Rhodiola rosea is one of the best herbal supplements for hormone balance because it helps the body adapt to stressors by reducing the amount of cortisol released in response to them. It can help to improve overall health and well-being, so make it a part of your regimen.  

9. Ashwagandha 

A Bowl of Grinded Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been in use for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It is known as an “adaptogen,” meaning it helps the body adapt to stress. Many understand that Ashwagandha has a calming effect on the nervous system, which is why it is popular among patients with anxiety and insomnia. 

The herb is also considered a natural supplement for hormone balance. Ashwagandha, one of the 7 best herbs for thyroid, helps to increase levels of thyroid hormones, which is beneficial if you have hypothyroidism. Therefore, consider making Ashwagandha one of your regular hormone-balancing supplements today.

10. Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

An Opened Can of Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for hormone balance. They help regulate inflammation and support the body in several other ways. A deficiency in omega-3s has strong links to conditions like endometriosis and infertility. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best supplements for vaginal health. It can assist in boosting the estrogen level, which directly and positively impacts the sex drive and lowers vaginal dryness.

There are many ways to get omega-3 into your diet, including supplements. The best way to consume omega-3 is through fish oil. Fish oil supplements provide both EPA and DHA, the two most important types of omega-3s. This fatty acid is among the best supplements for hormone balance, and people who include it in their diet continuously sing their praises. 

Balance Your Hormones 

Devastated Woman

Purehealth Research has come up with Immuno, an effective formula that can provide your body with the most potent female hormone balance supplements. This product combines vital vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids, antioxidants, and powerful herbs.

Most importantly, the formula can help nourish your body on the cellular level, which has numerous benefits, such as supporting healthy immune functions and minimizing the risk of illnesses.  

Immuno is the perfect solution for your hormonal needs since it contains most of the abovementioned ingredients. Another benefit of this formula is that it is gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, soy-free, and vegan.  

Immuno by PureHealth Research

Feel free to make Immuno part of your daily regimen because it’s safe. The product has produced no reports of adverse side effects, making it ideal for the general population.

However, those with known chronic illnesses should consult their physicians before taking supplements. Though this product has not been tested independently to determine its efficacy, every ingredient it contains has gone through scientific studies. 

Today, boosting your body’s immunity is becoming increasingly relevant. Due to modern lifestyles, chances of consuming foods deprived of certain ingratiates are very high. Thus, Dr. Holly Lucille recommends taking Immuno to help your body fight against foreign pathogens and drive healthy immune functions.  

Eating well, exercising, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep are no longer adequate for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Dr. Holly Lucille recommends Immuno to fill in the gaps. 

Final Thoughts  

There you have it – all the hormone balance supplements your body duly deserves for a good life. It is your responsibility to ensure your body has the necessary ingredients to achieve a desired equilibrium, failure of which will lead to many health issues down the road.  

Most importantly, Immuno combines most of the abovementioned essential ingredients, making it a must-use product for those experiencing hormonal imbalance, especially for women. With a tested product that’s received positive reviews from happy customers, you will facilitate your body with what’s necessary to be physically and emotionally healthy. 

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Advertisement. This site offers health, wellness, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional. Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical or health related advice from your health-care professional because of something you may have read on this site. The use of any information provided on this site is solely at your own risk.