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Circulatory Health, Women's Health

6 Best Supplements for Varicose Veins


Woman’s Legs Affected by Varicose Veins Before Taking 6 Best Supplements for Varicose Veins

While unsightly swollen veins can be painful and difficult to treat, best supplements for varicose veins do exist. Certain dietary supplements can help manage and alleviate the symptoms of multiple health issues, varicose veins included. 

In truth, varicose veins are more than just a medical condition. In addition to the health effects they cause, they are also very unpleasant to look at. These veins present as distended, swirly worms beneath the skin’s surface.  

When you neglect varicose veins symptoms, red blood cells seep from the bulging veins and dissolve over time. This deposits hemoglobin and other chemicals in muscle tissue and the skin. As a result, the skin surrounding these enlarged veins might become inflamed, resulting in painful ulcers.  

In a significant percentage of the population, varicose veins manifest with painful symptoms. Implementing interventions such as treatment, lifestyle changes (especially in diet choices), and supplements can arrest the condition. 

One excellent method to support vein health and prevent or manage varicose veins is to eat a well-balanced diet rich in the nutrients your body needs. A balanced diet, regular exercises, and certain vitamins, such as B, C, D, E, and K, have demonstrated their capacity to improve vein health. In this article, we will discuss this condition, its causes, the best ways to remedy the situation, and some of the best supplements for varicose veins. 

What Are Varicose Veins? 

Woman With Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are twisted and enlarged veins caused by the excess pressure exerted on your lower body when standing or walking. While the condition may be a cosmetic concern for some people, varicose veins can lead to severe pain and discomfort for others. 

Moreover, being a cardiovascular system disorder, varicose veins can potentially cause more severe diseases. A milder form of the condition, spider veins, taking the eponymous name from the spider web shape which the lines present. As for the cosmetic concern, the embarrassment and shame those who suffer from the condition feel predisposes them to mental health issues due to low self-esteem. 

What Causes Varicose Veins? 

Varicose veins usually occur when the blood pressure in the affected veins increases because the valves inside fail to work optimally

In the ideal setting, a network of small valves rhythmically open and close, allowing blood to pass through and prevent backflow simultaneously. If the valves become weak or broken, blood can flow back and gather in the vein, making it swollen and inflamed, a condition which doctors call a varicose. 

A variety of factors can predispose you to varicose veins. These include gender (varicose veins are more common in women), having a female relative with varicose veins, old age, obesity, pregnancy, and working jobs that require standing for long hours. 

Best Supplements for Varicose Veins 

A minor varicose vein incident does not typically require a doctor’s attention. With simple at-home treatment, you can get relief from the agony. See your doctor if varicose veins become swollen, red, sensitive, or warm to the touch or if sores, ulcers, or rashes appear around the area.

The doctor may recommend taking vein supplements, which you can find in certain foods. You can also find supplements for veins over the counter. The following ingredients are your best bet to beating those swollen “worms.” 

1. Bioflavonoids 

A Bottle of Chestnut Oil Next to Some Chestnut

Bioflavonoids, known supplements for spider veins, are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds present in many fruits and vegetables. Supplements such as horse chestnut extract contain flavonoids that may help with varicose veins. 

A recent laboratory study showed flavonoids could be an effective complementary treatment for varicose veins. It showed that the flavonoids utilized minimized varicose vein pathology. Another study backs up similar findings, noting that flavonoids can potentially prevent capillaries from breaking down and producing spider veins. 

2. Fiber 

Fiber foods like bread, oat, buckwheat

This may surprise you, but fiber could be the supplement you need to help with varicose vein treatment. Fiber aids in the relief of constipation, which is one of the potential causes of varicose veins. Fiber can benefit not just digestion but also blood flow and vein function. Despite the lack of evidence on the matter, vein treatment centers across the country propose taking extra fiber to aid with varicose veins. 

3. Diosmin 

Citrus Fruits like green lemon, orange, mandarin orange, grapefruit

This organic compound is abundant in citrus fruits. Diosmin treats blood vessel diseases such as varicose veins and impaired blood circulation in the legs after it has been transformed into a medicinal substance. Diosmin may function via decreasing edema (inflammation) and appears to have antioxidant properties as well. When used orally, diosmin is safe for the general population. It may, however, induce stomach pain, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, skin redness and hives, muscle pain, blood issues, and a change in heart rhythm. 

4. Horse Chestnut Extract 

Horse Chestnut on wood

One of the most extensively used natural therapies for varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency, a related ailment, is horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum). The active ingredient in horse chestnut is a molecule known as aescin. 

Aescin appears to inhibit the release of enzymes that cause capillary wall damage. Scientists have also discovered that horse chestnut extract improves the signs and symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency compared to placebos. Horse chestnut extract significantly reduces leg discomfort and swelling, making it an excellent leg vein supplement. Adverse effects are typically moderate and rare. 

Given the findings, the researchers conclude that horse chestnut extract is an efficient and secure short-term treatment for chronic venous insufficiency. Nevertheless, horse chestnut may be unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children. 

5. Butcher’s Broom Extract 

Butcher's Broom Extract

Butcher’s broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is a lily family plant also known as box holly or knee holly. It comprises ruscogenins, which are components thought to build collagen in blood vessel walls and promote circulation, which tightens weak, strained veins like those found in varicose veins. The side effects of butcher’s broom include digestive issues such as indigestion or nausea. 

Individuals with high blood pressure or benign prostatic hyperplasia should avoid using butcher’s broom unless recommended by a doctor. Butcher’s broom has not been proven safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women or children. Unless under medical supervision, do not combine it with high blood pressure medicine, benign prostate hyperplasia treatment, or MAO inhibitors. 

6. Rutin 

Rutin Supplements

Rutin is an organic compound that combines the flavonol quercetin and the disaccharide rutinose. You may also know it as rutoside, quercetin-3-O-rutinoside, or sophorin. It is a flavonoid present in many plants, especially citrus.

Numerous researchers have focused on the impact of rutin on blood vessel disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. According to a study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, rutoside (a chemical found in rutin) may help reduce the symptoms of varicose veins in late pregnancy.

Nevertheless, because the trial only involved 69 women, there is insufficient data to judge the safety or effectiveness of rutoside use during pregnancy. 

Best Ways to Improve Varicose Veins 

Varicose Veins on the Back of Woman's Knees and Legs

Now that we’ve been through several supplements for varicose veins, you’ll be right to ask yourself which product to go for at your local pharmacy. Fortunately, we can help.

One of the best supplements for varicose veins is VenEase by PureHealth Research. VenEase reinvigorates your life by improving circulation, reducing the swelling and inflammation in your lower limbs, alleviating potential blood clots, and returning the spring in your step. 

True, multiple varicose veins supplements exist. However, the team at PureHealth developed VenEase with you in mind, combining some of the ingredients discussed above as the components of a single product to reduce the number of pills you have to pop daily. 

VenEase supplement by PureHealth Research

VenEase, recommended by Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, contains rutin, horse chestnut extract, butcher’s broom extract, and diosmin. For optimal results, take two capsules daily, preferably before meals. 

VenEase is the best supplement for varicose veins and is a safe product suitable for long-term use to keep up with the demands of the circulatory system. The capsule has no known side effects, although the team at PureHealth recommends that people with chronic illnesses involve their doctor before taking their initial dose. Do take note that VenEase is not suitable if you are pregnant, lactating, or under 18. 

Final Thoughts 

You should see your doctor if you notice signs of varicose veins, such as swelling, heavy legs, or discoloration. The condition can often impair your activities, making it an inconvenience. Additionally, popping varicose veins can result in significant bleeding. 

If varicose veins remain untreated, they can cause varicose eczema and discoloration of the skin surrounding the veins. Fortunately, collaborating with a healthcare specialist and receiving treatment can help you get back on your feet, literally. In many cases, a supplement for veins could end up being a life-saving product. 

Do note that some leg vein supplements may pose damaging effects on people with certain medical disorders. Either way, you should always consult your doctor before consuming any product.

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