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Energy Management, Optimal Health, Weight Management

20 Best Foods to Boost Metabolism

BY PUREHEALTH RESEARCH | December 14, 2023

A Woman Experiencing Better Metabolism After Understanding Best 20 Foods to Boost Metabolism

A healthy metabolism is essential in achieving and maintaining an ideal weight. In our quest for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, boosting our metabolism is often a top priority. In addition to keeping a perfect weight, a healthy metabolism also helps with supporting our overall energy levels and vitality. Your metabolic rate is crucial in reducing extra pounds and maintaining a healthy weight. Some foods are exceptional for increasing metabolism, allowing our bodies to burn calories more efficiently. 

This article will discuss the 20 best foods to boost metabolism and help you achieve weight management goals. Adding these foods to your diet not only boosts your metabolism, but you can also give your body a nutritional edge and support a healthy life. Metabolism boosting foods are varied and can include chili peppers and cinnamon, to nutrient-rich foods like lean proteins and green leafy vegetables. 

These foods work in different ways, such as increasing thermogenesis, improving insulin sensitivity, or providing essential nutrients that help support and stimulate metabolic functions. Say goodbye to sluggishness and hello to increased energy levels, improved digestion, and a more efficient calorie burn. Let’s dive in and discover the delicious and nutritious foods you can add to your diet. 

What Are the Best Foods to Boost Metabolism?

Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Opting for a nutrition approach that increases metabolism and burns fat more efficiently can help maintain your ideal weight. However, these foods do not guarantee that you will lose weight once they burn up your fat. You need to integrate these with conscious lifestyle choices and regular workouts if you wish to have a healthy life. 

Metabolism boosting foods can help improve your body’s health and maintain the healthy weight you already have. Adding foods that boost metabolism to your diet makes losing excess and unwanted body fat less strenuous.

They can also prevent extra weight buildup if you want to maintain your figure. The more often you eat these foods, the higher your chances of weight loss and increasing your energy and endurance for exercise. It would help if you incorporated a balanced diet with fewer calories to promote weight loss. 

Here are the 20 best foods you are certain will improve your metabolism rate and help with weight maintenance and loss if incorporated with other healthy meals. 

1. Green Tea

A Glass of Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits, including improving your resting metabolic rate. You can derive a lot of rest and healing from a cup of tea. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a unique compound in green tea tha improves fat-burning metabolism andt. burn extra calories while you rest, helping you achieve your ideal weight or prevent additional excess weight. Consuming this tea may also reduce oxidative stress, which increases during weight loss.

2. Coffee

Coffee Beans on a Pile of Grinded Coffee

Coffee is among the metabolism boosting foods that, when consumed moderately, reduce fat oxidation, when consumed moderately. Coffee helps reduce caloric intake by controlling your appetite and speeding up your metabolism. Consider caffeine-rich coffee, which is a stimulant. It helps to increase your resting metabolic rate and suppress unwanted appetite that may lead to additional weight. 

3. Lean Proteins

Lean Protein Food Products

Chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, and legumes are some foods you can include in your diet. They are among the best 20 foods to boost metabolism and can assist with increasing your metabolic rate. Protein requires more energy for proper digestion, so metabolism will go into high gear when consuming any lean protein. 

4. Chili Peppers

A Group of Red and Green Peppers

Capsaicin is a compound present in chili pepper that spikes your metabolic rate. Chili peppers are not only spicy to your taste, but they can also help with burning calories in your body and getting rid of excess fat. The hot and spicy chili peppers are responsible for burning at least 100 and 200 more calories daily. Chili pepper adds value to your diet as it helps burn fat and suppress appetite.

5. Cayenne Pepper

A Wooden Spoon With Cayenne Pepper Flakes

Capsaicin is a compound present in the cayenne pepper that makes it spicy. While the cayenne pepper is nutritious in your diet, most people can only handle a small portion because of their intense spicy flavor. When it comes to food that boosts metabolism, this is it. Consuming this pepper helps with burning calories and increasing your metabolism. When your body’s temperature rises after consuming cayenne pepper, your body goes into cooldown mode and burns calories.

6. Ginger

Ginger Powder in a Wooden Spoon and Bowl

Dealing with excess weight can be exhausting. Besides a healthy diet, you need to add a little effort, like exercising, to eliminate the excess fat causing weight gain. You can consume ginger for weight loss. Ginger is a deep root known to support fat metabolism. The root also has additional benefits to your body, including digestion-soothing properties, which can help reduce discomfort from bloating. 

7. Whole Grains

A Row of Wooden Spoons With Different Types of Whole Grains

Brown rice, quinoa, and oats carry complex carbohydrates that are a great energy source for your body. They are also rich in fiber content that helps with digestion. Whole grains also help keep your metabolic rates in check throughout the day. 

8. Coconut Oil

A Coconut Cut In Half

When looking for foods that increase metabolism and burn fat, coconut oil is among the top foods you can consider. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil help boost metabolism and reduce weight. You can have at least a teaspoon or two in all your meals to experience the metabolism boost. 

9. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains lots of protein and calcium. It helps to preserve muscle mass and promotes the burning of calories. Greek yogurt also contains probiotic content that helps boost a healthy metabolism. Choose plain Greek yogurt and add your own sliced fruit, seeds, nuts, or whatever you fancy to avoid sugars and artificial flavoring.

10. Almonds

A Bowl of Almonds

Regular consumption of almonds promotes healthy metabolism that aids in quick recovery after vigorous exercise. Almonds are rich in healthy fats, fiber, and protein and make a delicious snack. Their nutrient composition offers sustained energy that can increase your metabolic rate. 

11. Beans and Legumes

A Row of Various Beans in Wooden Spoons

Protein, fiber, and resistant starch are rich in beans and legumes. These sources help to promote fullness, stabilize blood sugar, and boost metabolism. 

12. Avocado

A Half of an Avocado With a Heart Shaped Seed

Avocado is among the best 20 foods to boost metabolism. There are many fantastic health benefits of avocado, one being high in healthy fats that reduce hunger and cravings. Antioxidants, vitamins E, potassium, iron, fiber, and magnesium are nutrients your body gets from avocado consumption to help it function properly and feel satisfied. 

13. Berries

A Bowl of Frozen Berries

Berries are more than a delicious snack and topping. They have a low glycemic index and their health benefits include keeping your blood sugar in check and slowing down digestion, keeping you feeling full for longer. When your blood sugar is balanced, the hormones in your system are in harmony. But eating sugary foods raises insulin, increasing body fat storage and appetite.

14. Broccoli

Chopped Broccoli

Broccoli is among the best metabolism boosting foods that impact your metabolic rate. Vitamin C, commonly richly found in broccoli, promotes the burning of calories. It curbs hunger cravings, keeping you full for longer. Broccoli is also rich in fiber. Sufficient fiber intake is essential while shedding weight and improving metabolism. 

15. Chia Seeds

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are an excellent try if you want to improve your metabolism. They contain soluble fiber and antioxidants, which helps to fight inflammation and reduce constipation. 

16. Spinach

Spinach Leaves on a Wooden Board

Spinach is packed with iron, magnesium, and vitamins, making it a nutrient powerhouse. These components support the production of energy in cells. They also make spinach a metabolism boosting food.

17. Grapefruit

A Group of Grapefruits

The grapefruit is mostly water, but it is a very healthy food. Some benefits of grapefruit include a healthy heart, gut health, healthier cholesterol levels, and weight management components. The chemical properties in it help control insulin levels and encourage weight loss. It’s important to note that half a grapefruit, including the pulp, is healthier for the liver (your fat-burning furnace) than a glass of grapefruit juice.  

18. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is among the best metabolism boosting foods with acetic acid. Introducing one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into your diet may help you lose weight by gradually eliminating excess fat from your body. 

19. Dark Chocolate

A Stack of Brownies With Dark Chocolate Being Poured From the Top

Dark chocolate, with high cocoa content, can positively impact metabolism. Compounds like caffeine and theobromine, which have stimulant properties, increase your heart rate and improve your metabolism. Dark chocolate’s healthy fats and fiber can help you feel fuller for longer, supporting weight management.

20. Oatmeal

A Bowl of Oatmeal and Oats on a Table

Oatmeal is a nutritious and metabolism-friendly food. It is rich in dietary fiber, helps you feel full, and slows digestion. Since oatmeal takes longer to digest, you will need more energy to break it down, increasing burned calories and metabolic rate.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate Yourself

There are several reasons why drinking water can help you lose weight — its contribution to the various metabolic processes in your body being one of the main reasons. Drinking water helps to burn calories temporarily. Its thermogenic effect can increase heat production in the body, which requires energy. 

A Man Drinking a Glass of Water

Drinking water is also good for optimal physical performance during exercise. Your metabolism increases to provide the energy required for muscle contraction. Proper hydration helps regulate body temperature, lubricates joints, and delivers nutrients to muscles, supporting overall exercise performance and metabolic efficiency.

Water is also necessary for the digestion, absorption, and transport of nutrients throughout your body. It helps break down food, allowing proper absorption of nutrients by the intestines and transport to cells, which is crucial for various metabolic processes. 

Lack of water and proper hydration may compromise nutrient absorption, affecting overall metabolism. It can also help regulate appetite and promote weight management. Drinking water before meals can create a feeling of fullness, potentially reducing calorie consumption and supporting weight loss.

With its help, the liver and kidneys are responsible for detoxifying the body. Water also helps to get rid of toxins and waste through urine and sweat. Adequate hydration along with natural approaches, such as 7-day meal plan for kidney disease, ensures optimal liver and kidney function, supporting efficient metabolism. 

Going Green or Seeing Red?

A Man Holding a Green and a Red Apple

Metabolic Greens+

Your body always needs to receive first-rate fuel for peak efficiency. And what better than the 5 strategic nutrient-rich blends in Metabolic Greens+, including metabolic boosters, digestive aiding enzymes, potent antioxidant reds, fat-burning greens, and gut-nourishing pre and probiotics for a healthy metabolism?

Thanks to this product, you can improve digestion, optimize nutrient diversity and absorption of  and support immunity marker levels. The bioactive compounds in Metabolic Greens+ promote healthy cholesterol and blood sugar metabolism and maintain an ideal weight, like in barley extract.

Foods that help boost metabolism can be supplemented with our full-spectrum, premium quality Metabolic Greens+. This innovative superfood drink delivers wholesome ingredients that positively affect metabolism and weight loss.

Metabolic Greens+ has a unique, natural formulation that aims to increase your gut and balance your digestive process by incorporating a wide variety of nutrients that are hard to find in your regular, everyday foods. One important thing to remember with this one-of-a-kind blend is that individuals struggling with liver disease won’t be able to take advantage of it due to its inclusion of green tea extract.

Metabolic Greens+ Product by PureHealth Research

Spirulina is another ingredient that supports healthy gut bacteria, hormone secretion for glucose uptake, and lower fasting blood sugar. The secret behind the successful metabolic boost of this powerhouse energizing drink are the synergistic blends that enhance digestion and enzyme activity. Choose this supplement if you wish to build a healthy gut, improve immunity, upscale nutrient absorption, and maintain a fit body.

Metabolic Reds+

Everyone wants to look rejuvenated and with a daily continuous glow on their faces. That is why trying our antioxidant superstar Metabolic Reds+, a drink supplement to support every aspect of your health, is essential. This particular supplement catapults your energy to new levels, boosts fat-burning, delays premature aging, and optimizes weight management.  

Metabolic reds by PureHealth Research

Both these blends are low-glycemic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, made with superior quality nutrients and botanicals. However, if you have a chronic condition, it is advisable to consult your healthcare provider before taking any supplement. Some healthy foods that boost metabolism present in the Metabolic Reds+ supplement include:

  • Carrots: Carrots, as every mom knows, are rich in beta-carotene. They also contain vitamins C, K, potassium, lutein, lycopene, calcium, iron, and fiber and come packed with antioxidants. Their nutrients aid in healthy eyes and protects you from vision loss. Carrots are not just about healthy vision; they also ease constipation and support a healthy immune response. 
  • Beetroot Extract: Beetroot extracts are rich in vitamins A and C, folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus, antioxidants, and smaller amounts of calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, copper, and selenium. All these promote better blood flow, pressure, and oxygenation. For metabolism, beetroot is one of the finest metabolism-boosting food that helps with athletic performance and calories-burning for healthy weight management. 

You can choose either the formidable Metabolic Greens+, or the exotic Metabolic Reds+ superfood drink supplements from PureHealth Research, depending on your metabolic needs. While some patients search for complements that solely help with weight management and burning fat, others may also look for additional health benefits.

Regardless of your choice, Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, recommends these two exceptional supplements to complement the metabolic demands you may have in mind. Be sure to pick the one that best suits your needs. 

Final Thoughts

The best 20 foods to boost metabolism carry nutrient-dense options that offer multiple benefits. Boosting your metabolism promotes overall wellness, improves digestion, and increases energy levels. These foods provide a wide range of health benefits beyond their metabolism boosting properties. Incorporating them into your daily meals can increase your nutrient diversity that supports a healthy metabolic rate. 

Note that no single food can transform your metabolism overnight. You need an overall balance of a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and a consistent lifestyle that makes a difference. Take the time to find creative ways to include these foods in your meals.

Can Certain Foods Specifically Help in Increasing Metabolism and Fat Burning?

Absolutely! The blog emphasizes several foods that not only stimulate metabolism but also play a role in burning fat. By adding these foods to your regular diet, you can work towards a leaner and healthier body composition.

What’s the Science Behind Metabolism Boosting Foods?

Foods that boost metabolism often contain particular nutrients or compounds that stimulate the body’s metabolic reactions. These foods can amplify the calorie-burning rate, even during periods of rest. The blog delves deep into the mechanisms of each food that boosts metabolism, shedding light on the underlying science.

Is There a Standout Food Known as the Best for Boosting Metabolism?

While the blog lists numerous foods with metabolism-enhancing properties, pinpointing a single “best” food is challenging. The impact of these foods can differ based on individual factors like genetics, age, and overall health. Nevertheless, the blog does spotlight certain foods renowned for their pronounced metabolic benefits.

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